The Monroe Transfer need you, yes you....... really.

We're doing a project where we need people to record different parts of a song, as Line of Best Fit explain:

The Line of Best Fit can exclusively reveal The Monroe Transfer’s imaginative plans for their next song. The seven piece instrumental band from London is asking as many people as possible to contribute to ‘The Heavens Sleep, Are Sleeping Still’.

The band have already secured contributions from Her Name Is Calla, worriedaboutsatan and Braindead Collective, and now it’s your chance to add something.

Fans can download sheet music, stems and demo recordings from and record themselves performing whichever part they like. The recorded parts can be submitted to the group through their website, and will be mixed by the group to create the final piece.

Those who take part in the project will receive a very limited physical copy of the song, while those who prefer listening to music than making it will be able to get the track when it is released as a free download later in the year.

It’s another of example of the band’s unique approach to creating and packaging music. Past release ‘Vox Humana’ was presented in a home-made wooden box, whilst their next album Trials comes in a delicately crafted cloth bag, that would make any home economics teacher proud.

The deadline for contributions is April 10th so hurry up and dig out any instrument that’s gathering dust!
The band will also be playing a few live shows in the coming weeks. Those dates:

31 The Lexington, London

20 The Macbeth, London

Finally, the band’s new album Trials will be released via Organ Grinder on 3rd May. Expect a review and an interview with the band on The Line of Best Fit soon.

Spread the word! 

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