spouting a load of rubbish in The Big Issue

... and coming off rather naive. Still, nice to have a feature.

ResonanceFM and Dexter Bentley are organising our album launch @ The Miller this Friday, come along if you're free; tix here

Her Name is Calla

Last night I recorded some viola parts at fellow Monroe Transfer member Nick’s house.  Her Name Is Calla asked us to add a few parts to a couple of already massive sounding songs on their new album. We suitably added a whole new level of massiveness and I’m looking forward to hearing the end result!


Camden Trawl

So, I spent much of the typically rainy bank holiday weekend in Camden for the Camden Crawl because Smoke Fairies' were billed to play both days. The first show was an apparently "well received" set at KOKO; it certainly seemed so judging by the hollering and clapping at inopportune moments by a lagered up bunch at the front. It's always far more entertaining playing to an enthusiastic crowd  though even if they are completely  hammered. The rest of the evening was spent vaguely attempting to consume copious amounts of sickly Gaymers cider, which clearly contains mostly sugar, with a hint of apple.

Day two was mostly spent at the Chalk Farm end of Camden for our show at The Enterprise. A bottle of Gaymers cider made its treacly presence known by falling off an amp during sound check and emptying its sugary contents all over Kaf's jacket. As if that wasn't bad enough, two bottleneck slides fell off the amp along with the cider and despite fervently searching like pigs sniffing out truffles we couldn't find either one of the slides. Not one to be deterred, Kaf found a shot glass to use instead.

Oh, and apparently I'm one of Camden's Seven. Seven of what I'm not sure, perhaps one of the seven people most likely to get mugged in Camden. The chap sporting the blue man group look is the clear winner though.

RIP Kay Mosley


Trials of the day

Trials; the new album by The Monroe Transfer is out today. As per usual it comes with preposterous hand made packaging and you have to break it open to listen to it. If you like lies; Orangina nicked their 'shake it to wake it' marketing campaign off us.

You can listen and download the album from our band camp site.

Our next gig is at the Miller of Mansfield on 14th May