New year: New nonsense

I’ve been sitting here since New Year’s Day waiting for the impact of the new decade to hit me but it hasn’t yet. 

I do have some exciting prospects for the coming year though:

The brand new Monroe Transfer album is now finished and the artwork has been designed and created, all by hand, once again by Consumer Revolt. It looks and feels, and sounds, wonderful. Apparently there will be a series of exciting things happening in the lead up to its release.

The new Fireworks Night album is close to being completed too, finally ... babies have been conceived, born and are riding their first bike in the time it has taken us to mix the damn thing! It'll be worth the wait though.

In complete contrast to Fireworks Night is the lightning speed methods of Braindead Collective who recorded and released that xmas single with Viv Albertine in the space of a week! We plan to do similar collaborative projects with solo acts, the next one being Mat Riviere (Brainlove Records) who we'll be playing with live at the Good Ship this Thursday.

Smoke Fairies now have a new drummer due to the previous drummer wanting a normal life; get married, watch The Bill and walk the dog in the park near his house in Kent, which is probably very wise! good luck Gregory! We're headlining The Lexington on 1st Feb. 

Lastly, I layed down some viola parts on a few tracks on the new/debut Eat Lights: Become Lights album which apparently is now finished, so hopefully that will see the light of day at some point this year.


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