Christmas indie super bands

It's getting rather festive round my way.

Last weekend I layed down some lush and not so lush viola parts on Viv Albertine's Christmas single 'When It Was Nice' which, despite the fact it was only recorded last weekend, has already been mixed, mastered and is currently skipping it's way around the internet and the radio. You can download it here for free!

And tonight I will be playing a couple of Darlene Love Xmas songs with Slow Club at their chrimbo party at the Union Chapel. I'll be providing the massive Phil Spector strings along with Nicole and Rhiannon from The Monroe Transfer. The awesome thing about this is that Jonny from The Wave Pictures and Jeremy Warmsley are also playing on these songs which means I'll be in an INDIE SUPER BAND! which is totally ridiculous and totally sweet in equally huge measures. 


  1. AW! I wish I was able to be there.

  2. PS - the strings sound both creepy and awesome in equal measures on the Viv Albertine Xmas song. As does the song itself.