How's my driving?

Terrible. I haven't driven in over 10 years and the last time I did I wrote off an old Ford Fiesta whilst aptly listening to Blow Out by Radiohead. I don't remember the registration number of that car but I do remember the song I was listening to when I crashed it.

It's a bit of a blessing I don't drive because I won't have to share the epic amount of driving on the Smoke Fairies tour which starts tomorrow. (EDIT: it actually started yesterday but Blogger had gone the same way as a failed Grand National horse. It's back now but I've lost all the nice links, photos and stuff which is a shame - bad Google)

If you have a glance at the last three dates in particular you'll see why I'm quite pleased I'm not driving.

May 13 - Brighton

May 14 - Clitheroe

May 15 - Hebden Bridge

May 16 - Edinburgh

May 18 - York

May 19 - Liverpool

May 20 - London

May 22 - Cardiff

May 23 - Rochester

May 24 - Southampton

May 26 - Barcelona

May 28 - Newcastle

Those last three dates are 2200 miles alone, so yeah, I'll be trying to keep the driver(s) awake so I'll probably blast out the incredible new Tune-Yards album.

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