A Tour In Photos

This post should have happened weeks ago but various dilapidated obstacles got in the way.

Many political manifestos have included the Three 'E's but you only need to attach two 'E's to the Smoke Fairies' UK tour and in this case it isn't the same word lazily repeated three times for dramatic effect. The two words are 'exceded expectations'; one thing you're unlikely to get from a political party. To sell out most venues on a debut headline tour in the desolate month of January is heartwarming and encouraging stuff.

Enough with the rubbish, tenuously linked E words; here is the tour in photos:

 Kaf and Jess doing their 'witch house' poses for NME

 Manager extraordinaire Matt utilising his travel printer



 Frequenting haunted pubs

 How many candles? 

 Two peas in a pod

 an angel amongst Fairies 

 How many pedals does one viola player need? 

 The Smithereens

 Marc and Mark proudly in place at BBC Manchester where we went for a session on Marc Riley's show. Marc was refreshingly fanatical about everything as per usual which reminded me how wonderful it is to have him on our airwaves. I also happened to meet Gruff Rhys who's one of my favourite song writers as he was doing a session in the studio next door.

Part of the NME review of the Brighton show. I know I'm a tall chap and probably even a 'cello would look like a violin under my chin but it's not, it's a viola. Everyone called me Frank after that came out, which I rather liked!

 Piccadilly records

 would you like a Lionel with your hat? 

 one of the more pleasant dressing room graffiti appearances.

 at times the anticipation is unbearable.
as blurry as our heads the next morning

 Rob is overwhelmed by the tour malaise but as per usual Jules Sea of Bees has such a blazing supply of enthusiasm that it makes you feel dead inside in comparison.

 sound will be checked 

One of the many pleasingly non-travelodges we stayed in. Thanks Mr Tour Manager. Sorry guests for waking you up at silly o'clock in the morning by setting off the fire alarm. 

 Kris finds a special poster tucked away.

 How many stairs?

Blasts from the past
 at Bristol Fleece

Sea of Bees at Bush Hall. Not strictly part of our tour but they kept touring long after we'd returned to normality and overcome the longing to be back on tour.... 

...and in May we'll be doing it all again but in a slightly different order. Superb. Keep an eye on the Songkick page for details.


  1. The show at the Scala was one of my favourite gigs ever – I’ve never seen the band play with so much self-confidence and self-belief. Your viola on Eerie Lackanawa and Feeling Turning Blue was phenomenal. And whose idea was it to do the Killing Joke cover? The only drawback appears to be that some people in the media have begun applying the tag ‘morbid folk’ to the Fairies. It was a wonderful night, thank you so much – see you in May!

  2. Morbid folk? I kinda like that! thanks for the kind words. I'm not sure exactly how the Killing Joke cover came about but I think it happened when Kaf and Jess were listening to loads of post-punk compilations.