Pair of Kraft slices

Or Kraft singles if you're that way inclined but seeing as it's British Cheese Week I'd advise against it. I was planning to put these reviews up on SoundsXP months ago but then my computer conked out like an old wheezing pensioner.

The Coolest Names In Showbiz
Tiny Dog

Article written by Neil W - Sep 29, 2010
Those lovable rouges Flipron return galloping on their steeds with candy floss manes and they come baring gifts in the shape of a new single entitled The Coolest Names In Showbiz and look, they’ve brought insanely catchy tunes with them and they’re telling tales of far off lands where the locals stick up colossal letters of the alphabet on the hillside. It’s jolly good to have them back.



Milk White White Teeth
Ingrid Won't Smile
Too Pure

Article written by Neil W - Sep 29, 2010
This review finds itself running into class horrendously late but brandishing a rather fine single by Milk White White Teeth. These northern folk have a whopping ten members amongst their ranks playing a luscious collection of instruments which immediately brings to mind the joyous indie-pop of Architecture In Helsinki. They also employ that ubiquitous bouncing bass sound that so many acts have pinched off Paul Simon of late. Such comparisons to those Vampire Weekenders do them a disservice though because Ingrid Won’t Smile is a smashing single and I’ll be licking my lips, and not so white teeth, in anticipation for an album.  


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