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In the search of finding a decent gig I came across this leech of a promoter, I should have known better really:

On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 10:39 AM, Feedme Music wrote:

Hi Neil,

Thanks for contacting me. I’ve had a listen to the tracks up on Soundcloud and would be interested in featuring you on the appropriate events. Dates in mind are Wednesday 25th August @ Punk, Friday 27th August @ 100 Club, Sat 4th September @ Purple Turtle Camden, Friday 10th September @ 100 Club.

If you would like to be considered for bookings, Please register your band at where you can upload an image, mp3, press release, quotes, and links to your social networks (myspace, facebook, twitter, etc.). When writing your press release please consider writing in a journalistic style including style, influences, accolades. Please avoid dull rendition of the band’s history and usual clich├ęs (London’s best kept secret, truly unique…etc). There is a field to include/add press quotes. Please ensure you white list as you will receive a registration activation email. If you do not receive it in about 10 minutes, please check your JUNK folder. The band page becomes active once you have confirmed an event with us.

Feedme Music’s artist roster consists of quality bands who are ready for or already attracting industry and press attention. We choose bands who are moving forward professionally and who are ready to step up to playing quality venues. Stylistically we work with a broad range of bands, from acoustic to punk, metal to indie... music that is of a high standard. Each event is tailored to one particular style, and promoted through relevant outlets. Our aim is to broaden your fan base by teaming you up with bands of the same level and higher, who have fans that would most likely enjoy your sound, giving you maximum opportunity to pick up new fans. We also guide newer bands who we feel have potential, and steer them in the right direction.

Feedme Music’s longevity as a leading promoter has allowed us to be become selective with the bands we choose to work with. Our PR network extends from radio and press, to online networking and festival and tour opportunities, as well as offering management consultation and marketing advice. We also provide a range of other beneficial services, making us a ‘one-stop’ organisation for emerging bands. For good bands that are dedicated, professional and motivated, Feedme Music build working relationships, we do not just book you once and forget you exist. Focusing on these details of service is why Feedme Music won the award for Best Promoter at the 2008 Indy Music Awards.

Our booking terms vary based on the level of each band and include either paying bands through a set fee, or a ticket split, or committing to an advance ticket quota. Terms for your specific booking need to be discussed with the Event Manager dealing with your booking. Every band is given focused attention. Feedme Music are selective with bands we choose to work with, and as a result all of our events run at a very high standard. We are not interested in doing a lot of hard work for bands who simply do not help themselves, and our booking terms are indicative of this ethos. Gigs with low attendance are of no benefit to anyone involved in the process. We do our part wholeheartedly, and artists who wish to progress with us must have the same attitude. Feedme Music’s employees have a strong reputation based on word-of-mouth from band to band, so upholding high standards is of upmost importance to us.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

Sent: 10 August 2010 10:41
To: Feedme
Subject: Re: Contact Form Details

Hi, thanks for getting back to me. Glad you like the music!

I'll check with the band to see if they're available for any of those dates.

Just to clarify, do we have to register the band on your site to play a gig? and once we've registered and confirmed a gig with you guys, what are your terms for playing said gig?


On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 11:58 AM, Feedme

Hi Neil,

Registration creates a profile page for the band used as a press landing page. Have you checked our site our yet? I you have a look you will see exactly how we use band information - The other private information i.e. name and contact numbers requested during registration are kept private and used to communicate with you via phone/email.

We are working at high profile London concert venues ranging from 200-1,500 capacity (i.e. Punk, 100 Club, IndigO2 at The O2 & more), with an emphasis on paying bands well on a ticket split basis. You would need to be able to generate a good sized crowd to make the right atmosphere for you to gain new fans. It is increasingly difficult for a promoter to be able to pack a venue in London for an unknown band. It has to be a team effort with the artist playing a fully responsible and strategic role in their own promotion to ensure a busy night – one which will gain them new fans. I would welcome a chat about moving forward if are confident that through your network of fans, friends, contacts, etc., that you will easily be able to attract 40+ fans. I’ve attached a PDF about us and our venues and some useful tips in building your fan base, but please don’t hesitate to call if you would like a chat.

Kind regards

To: Feedmemusic
Subject: Re: Contact Form Details

Could you give me some more details about your advance ticket system?


On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 1:28 PM, Feedme wrote:

Hi Neil,

Here’s a sample gig offer covering ticket price and general terms for each venue. This is not a performance contract. Once an offer is agreed a performance contract is issued by our booking system. This sample covers our general offer terms at each venue.

Please note that the Minimum Ticket Sale Requirement is NOT the target amount, but a realistically low figure which is still achieved should things go wrong (i.e. the usual amount of last minute drop outs, and ‘sorry I can’t make it’ texts. We will of course do everything we practically can to promote you and the event and our best to maximise the effect and experience of your performance with us.

Please ensure all band members are aware of all of these terms before moving forward.

Date: xxxxx
Venue: xxxxx
Stage Time: x:xx-x:xxpm (45mins for headliner and 30mins all others)
Sound check: xpm
Line Up: xxxxx
Ticket Price: £6 advance/£8 door. For PUNK, 229 venue 2, Proud Camden
£7 advance/£8 door. For Purple Turtle
£8 advance /£10 door. For 100 Club, 229 venue 1
£10 advance /£15 door. For IndigO2 at The O2
IndigO2 14+. All other venues are strictly 18+ ONLY. Live music until 11pm. DJ’s ‘til late (EXCEPT 100 CLUB).
Minimum Ticket Sale Requirement: 30 PUNK, 229 v2 (Thursdays only), Proud Camden
40 229 v2 Fridays, 100 Club, Purple Turtle
60 229 v1
70 IndigO2 at The O2

You are required to commit to sell/cause the sale of a minimum number of tickets (‘Minimum Ticket Sale Requirement’)
There is NO money upfront for your tickets, once you agree a performance contract we will send you tickets to sell. Tickets are also made available online through You hold onto the money for tickets you have sold until after your performance on the night, then return it so you are paid your split for advance tickets, online ticket sales and door sales.

Your Payment: Once you have reached The Minimum Ticket Sale Requirement you will be paid: 1-30 ticket sales = £1 return to you, 31-50 = £2, 51+ = £3. For example, if you make 40 tickets sales/door sales you receive £50, 50 = £70, 70 = £130, 100 = £220, 200 = £520.

Payment for IndigO2 and 229 Venue 1 are £1 for each of the first 50 tickets sold, £2 for each of the next 25 tickets sold, £3 for each of the next 25 tickets sold, and £4 for all other tickets sold.

You are required to pay the shortfall should you fall short of the allocated minimum ticket sales. THIS IS SOMETHING WE DO NOT WANT. This term is set in place to avoid working with free loading bands that promise 100 ticket sales and turn up with five mates. We cannot run such high standards of shows without this policy. This policy means that if you fall short YOU make it pay-to-play. Do not book with us unless you are 100% certain that getting this amount of people to a gig is easy for your band. If you are unsure, do not book with us, wait 6 months and get back to us when you are ready. We want to pay you, we want to increase your fan base and work with you again. This is the only way to ensure high standards are kept and deter unmotivated bands who treat gigs as free rehearsals. It also means your band will be on a bill with serious artists who have a fan base, it stops freeloaders spoiling the integrity of YOUR night.

You are expected to put 100% effort into ensuring maximum attendance at this event. If you would like some help and suggestions on ways to increase your fan base, please ask us. It is advised you do not book any other London dates too close to this event.


Sent: 10 August 2010 15:35

Hi, I'm still a little confused by this. Are you expecting bands to be ticket vendors?

Also, I'm a little concerned by the following statement:

"This policy means that if you fall short YOU make it pay-to-play"

...which pretty much translates as: 'This policy means I won't lose money but you probably will'

So, if I've read this correctly; you're expecting bands to be a ticket vendor, a promoter and presumably be able to perform ably live without crumbling under the immense pressure and financial risk of playing your event?

It seems very unfair that the bands are shouldering all the burden whilst FeedMeMusic take no risk at all.

Are you deliberately trying to put people off playing your night?

On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 4:33 PM, Feedme wrote:


I am answering this email out a sense of courtesy. However on in my time as a promoter I have met so many bands that take this attitude that it frankly gets tiring. Of course bands MUST play an integral role in their own marketing at this stage. If they do not then they will not be very successful.

You have NO IDEA how much money we spend putting bands on. Have you any idea how much it takes to put bands on professionally at venues like 100 Club, IndigO2 at The O2 etc.

Advance tickets are provided (without any upfront fee) as an additional marketing tool to capitalize on opportunities at other events etc. Online tickets are provided through ticket agencies. Bands receive a generous ticket split based upon advanced and on the door sales. All artists are contracted months in advance, and promoted heavily by Feedme Music staff.

Our artists are given outstanding and well-promoted platforms to perform (indigO2 at The O2, The 100 Club, Proud Camden, 229, Relentless Garage, Scala, Purple Turtle, and Punk) aimed at building on their fan bases and gaining industry attention. We have created festival opportunities (three of our artists played at Download 2010) for artists to play alongside well-known public eye acts. In addition, we are working with key contacts in major publications and have achieved full page features for artists working with us in KERRANG! and plenty of airplay on internet, regional and national radio. We are agents for one band and have achieved live sessions on Ian Camfield’s show on XFM and a great deal of profile press.

Feedme Music provide a service above and beyond that of any other promoter working at this level, and therefore we do not wish to waste our efforts or networks on bands who do not contribute to their own success. We take a great deal of pride in our work, and are proud of the results we have achieved with artists. We are an award winning promotional team – a massive vote from the bands and artists we work with. Our terms are well considered and have been put in place to deter bands who either are not ready for the level of show we put together, or those (OF WHICH THERE ARE PLENTY) who feel it is their divine right to just turn up an play to an audience provided by coordinated hard work by other artists and the promoter.

It is essential for all bands and artists wishing to elevate themselves in the music industry to understand that they are an integral part of the promotional team at this level. In addition, it is worth noting that to provide these services, we need to bring trade to venues and earn sufficient funds to survive as a company and invest in the future of emerging talent.

This is a company formed by musicians and run by musicians. Virtually all those who work for Feedme Music we have met through playing at our shows. Those same musicians book artists, host events, and fulfill a supportive and creative role for unsigned bands and artists.

Give me a call if you want to clarify anything.

Kind regards

On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 3:49 PM, Neil Walsh wrote:


I completely agree that bands should advertise their gigs via the social networks and their mailing lists but they shouldn't be held accountable if the turnout is bad. The promoter books the bands so ultimately it's the promoters responsibility and risk, not the bands. Constantly badgering friends and family to buy tickets off you, like you suggest, isn't going to help the band progress professionally at all. All it's going to do is line the pockets of the promoter and make you less popular than a fox at the chicken Olympics
with the people you're harrassing to buy tickets. In sharp contrast to your ethos; friends and family, not too many of course, should be on the guest list out of courtesy not hounded down to buy overpriced tickets.

Your assumption that I have "NO IDEA" how much it costs "putting bands on" is wrong my friend. I am a promoter myself and have put on shows at The Purple Turtle and various other venues in the past so I am well aware of the costs involved. However, I have never demanded a band bring a certain number of people or be liable for damages, because I, as the promoter, am the one who has booked these bands so ultimately the pressure of pushing the night is on my shoulders. Of course I actively encourage bands to help advertise the gig but it's not the integral part of my promotional strategy like it seems to be with you. 

I didn't hear anything after that reponse and assumed that was the last I'd be hearing from them, until I received this:

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 11:01 AM, feedmemusic wrote:

Hi Neil,

I’m just following up on my previous email as I have had no response.  Are you still interested in pursuing an event with us?

Kind regards

On 26 Aug 2010, at 13:10, Neil Walsh <> wrote:

Hi, can we agree on a £100 guarantee for the band?


On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 2:21 PM, Feedme wrote:

Sorry Neil. I had marked you for follow up from a prior email. Considering our previous dialogues I don't think we will benefit each other.

Best wishes
On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 3:53 PM, Neil Walsh wrote:

I'd probably be better off just writing you a cheque for £100 than actually playing your gig.



  1. Well handled. It's self-serving cretins like this guy that put so many great, young bands off trying to get themselves heard.

    I love his: 'Have you any idea how much it takes to put bands on professionally at venues like 100 Club, IndigO2 at The O2 etc' - yes, I do actually. I've been putting on gigs on and off for the last 15 years and it's really not that hard (or expensive) if you're organised, passionate & not a massive twat!

  2. Ha! I'm actually laughing out loud. And I don't do that very often.

    Well played, sir. Well played indeed.

  3. genius. these sorts of cretins make me so frustrated.

    i'm more upset when they take advantage of people who are not as aware of the music industry and gigs as yourself - when my younger brother was 14, he was often "talked into" doing pay-for-play style gigs, as though they were The Only Way.

    good on you!!!