Tamesis Dock

I sauntered along the Thames Path on Wednesday and headed to the Tamesis Dock as Fireworks Night were playing there. I'd never been before so wasn't quite sure where it was or what it looked like but as I approached it I began to wonder if it had ever functioned as a proper boat because it didn't look like the most seaworthy of vessels, ie it looked like it was about to sink, but it all added to its charms. When I set foot on the boat the floor was almost at a 45 degree angle, it felt like I was already three pints down, which is a smashing state to be in!

It was a decent crowd and Left With Pictures were on splendid form and a joy to watch which all added up to a super fun gig. The lovely promoter Mr Chalmers also co-runs a delightfully ramshackle Podcast simply entitled independent Music Podcast, which needs no explanation as to what type of podcast it is. Check it out here

On Fireworks Night album news: I'll be sticking up a new track from the album every week 'til the end so head here for that.

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