Part 1: the tour begins!

Here we are then, Smoke Fairies are on the road for the first date of the tour. I am literally sat in a car right now on the M1, being disgustingly 21st century and mobile blogging. And yes, we're in a car not plush tour van cos they're way too expensive for the likes of us. There's not much to report on the motorway; a parade of speeding tin cans, War of the Worlds style pylons and huge road signs pointing to uninviting places like Milton Keynes. I wish i'd bought some booze with me. Soon we'll be arriving in Holmfirth, the picturesque town where they filmed the award winning classic series Last of the Summer Wine! Where's my beanie hat?


  1. I saw Smoke Fairies in Holmfirth, what a pleasant surprise.I'd never heard of you before, but was very impressed with the beautiful songwriting, harmonies and sound of the band. A rare bonus when the support act's great too !

  2. Nice one Neily. Good luck on the tour. Get us on the guest list for London Ben x